Earthrise Space Foundation, Inc. is targeting corporations and government entities who are interested in sending payloads to the lunar surface. 

As the first private entity in history to send a spacecraft to the moon, ESF will have the enviable advantage of capturing the attention and interest of a large portion of the 2.4 billion people on Earth who have access to a television and the internet, providing an unprecedented brand exposure opportunity for ESF’s customers.

Corporations and governments will gain access to the previously inaccessible lunar surface, enabling new opportunities for science, exploration, resource identification, and the deployment of long-term lunar infrastructure. Potential lunar payloads may include scientific instruments, cargo for future colonies/establishments, rovers/robots that can build with local resources and explore the terrain, as well as memorabilia and novelty items. 

Earthrise Space offers lunar payload delivery services to customers, beginning with the company's inaugural mission in pursuit of the Google Lunar XPRIZE in the fourth quarter of 2017. Following that mission, ESF plans to deliver payloads every year, each of which will be tailored to arrive at a customer-selected location on the lunar surface. For more information, please refer to the Payload Planner's Guide.

download our payload user guide.